Data. Analytics. Technology.
Processing and Artificial intelligence Research.

Data & Analytics

D&A acquires and links real estate, weather, financial and user preference data using models and algorithms to generate predictive analytics and statistical data. The services include advisory services, automated valuations, location intelligence, multiple listing technology and platforms, information and analysis of properties, preferences and user needs.
The data is captured from public and private sources, the collected data is processed to create statistical reports and market trends and prices based on meteorological, social, economic and demographic conditions.

Technology Processing Solutions

TPS uses codes and algorithms to create corporate products and services oriented to corporate and service clients, the data is integrated into electronic or voice surveys, the data in digital or physical formats are processed using artificial intelligence processes to convert documents of any type. , solutions for financial, logistics and strategic services based on cloud computing.

Artificial intelligence Research

AIR interacts with potential customers using public and private sources of information to find out preferences, opinions of products, services and buying and selling trends.
Using advanced maps, it will show the businesses close to the potential client in order to know potential competencies, potential business strategies to provide products and services required by the user.
AIR may give product and service recommendations for needs discovered in users.
AIR will use all available sources of information for its supply and generation of data that is easy to read and interpret.